When in Dubai, you can maximize the fun element in every moment, if you plan your itinerary wisely. Owing to the fact that there is a lot already promised and upstaged here, you precisely get what you want, whether it is entertainment, artwork, culture, history, aquatic fun or adventure. The Middle East destination has crossed boundaries in terms of all such aspects and it is growing. Together with the internationally acclaimed facilities, every world tourist can feel elated and rest assured to provide their families a memorable time. Desert safari is a must adventurous trip in Abu Dhabi - check more here.

Witnessing the scenic locales and profound luxury of Dubai on land is always a treat for your eyes and senses. However, there is nothing as sensational as watching the glitter of this fabulous place through an aerial view. While on one hand, you got to be always open to spot something strange and amazing when commuting in your car or passing by the plush marketplace set therein, on the other you must be ready for one of the most fascinating experiences of your life in the air – as you look down an altogether different Dubai! Can’t wait to be there and feel the rush of adrenaline yourself? Go on reading about the remainder of this article to know more!

Well, an exclusive air ballooning can provide you this experience. You have to book yourself early if you want to enjoy this ‘event’ and mind it, your voyage over Dubai in this hot air balloon is worth the time, energy, efforts and money. For the height you are flying therein, be mesmerized with the view of numerous sand dunes at once. You just cannot omit to look at those gazelles, Oryx, green oases and of course, the desert creature camel.

To get the most mesmerizing glimpses, it is ideal that you plan the air ballooning exclusive event early before you fly off for Dubai. When you have a slot booked early, you are sure of witnessing rarest of rare views such as sunrise magnificent with Hajjar Mountains setting a perfect backdrop for your snaps and many more. You are required to get up in the wee hours to enjoy this scenic event, which occurs only once a day, but that is never less precious than the moment of a lifetime. Your travel agent will gladly help you with the commuting arrangement necessary to help you reach Burj Khalifa area on time, from where it is hardly 30 minutes on the road.

Your Air Ballooning Exclusive package additionally includes refreshments, along with the transfers. So all you are required to do is match up the timings and leave the rest to these officials. The balloon too is large enough to capacitate up to 20 pax. Many such attractions await you to be explored in Dubai. Put on your thinking cap and start chalking the itinerary today based upon such valuable information. A professional travel planner will happily guide you to come up with a Dubai trip program that is complete in all respects.