Atlants Aqua Venture is the best water park not only in Dubai, but in the whole Middle East and Europe. It is said that the Dubai tour is incomplete if one doesn’t visit this magnificent place. Spread across more than 40 acres, the park offers total fun and entertainment for each member of the family. There are fun rides, adventure rides, splash area, Dolphins, Sea lions, aquarium, and what not! We are the premium desert safari operator in Abu Dhabi - know more about us here.

It is the best way to get rid of Arabic summers, jump into clean aqua blue water that is so captivating. Pumping waterslides literally catapult through the humongous slides and you feel the rush of adrenaline in the blood. Scream frantically when you come down from the largest slide of the blue planet or feel the double thrill of the slide within a slide. The zip line circuit of Atlantis Park is said to be the longest in the Middle East.

The world-famous Dolphin Bay is spread across five hectares where you get acquainted with the smart species and make them friends. The most amazing and mysterious creature of the water world becomes friendly with you and amaze with their stunning IQ and an incredible sense of humor. They show superb swimming ability and mesmerizing stunts. If you are not that adventure maniac or have small kids in the group, then also there are hundreds of interesting things to do. Just relax on the safe, private beach surrounded by eye-catching tropical natural beauty. Let the kids build large castles and you enjoy the best summer drink. Splash is another play area dedicated for small kids. It is so wonderfully designed that kids find it extremely enchanting. There is a water playground that elaborates various games, water slides, structures for climbing and jumping, and many other attractions for kids less than 1.2 meters height. These delightful games keep them busy and you can have some time to enjoy a few rides.

Booking procedure

Aqua Venture Water Park is free for those who stay in the same resort. Others can buy the tickets online or current booking. There are packages also available for day visitors. Those who book online get preference at the entry point. This is to encourage online booking. This water park brings one full day of thrill, entertainment, and excitement. Keep a full day dedicated to this great place. It is one of the top-most attractions in Dubai. Don’t miss it!