Travelling to the Middle East is like fulfilling an old cherished dream for many visitors. This is because most of them have long been anticipating a tour here but somehow their wish could not come true. Also, this is because of the stupendous way this place has been raised and presented, everything here leading to a marvel, it has turned in as a wonderland. From that perspective, Dubai must receive a special round of accolades and this reality has been well-endorsed by most visitors, who frequently fly here. If you are looking for a luxury desert safari trip, check this page out now!

Ask celebrities, film stars, businessmen, sportsmen, etc. and they will count on numerous reasons that make them land here in Dubai as often as they can. There is a lot to cherish in Dubai, which promise lively moments for every individual, however an outstandingly built and maintained attraction here is Atlantis Aqua Venture & Lost Chamber Aquarium. This place has thrills all the way and, therefore, you are required to have day pass to experience the vastness and excitement of this water park. This is the biggest of its kind in the world and has a special position in entire Middle East. As is evident from the name, you come across variety of marine creatures here and also get a dose of adventure over different aquatic rides.

Atlantis Aqua Venture is spread across forty-two acres. In its vast vicinity lie innumerable world-class attractions like the Speedslide, the Master Blasters and of course, the Splash area dedicated to children. In addition, your sight cannot overlook the marvellous rapids and rivers here, in addition to the dense countryside views in the tropical region. In a full day pass here, another prolific attraction Lost Chambers Aquarium is inclusive. The Lost Chambers has limitless entertaining stuff and you will get busy exploring the secret world of Atlantis and its ruins. They are said to have been lost under the sea deep down. If you can imagine the nerve-wrecking feel of Lost Chambers Aquarium amid some 65000 sea animals, you must be here.

This is not all. You will be taken on a guided tour in which expert navigators accompany you to introduce the aquatic world, which is full of seahorses, sharks, piranhas, eels and many other creatures. A rare show called Aqua theatre is also scheduled for you here.

In short, there is so much to do, see and adventure over here at Atlantis Aqua Venture & Lost Chamber Aquarium that you feel like landing up again another time here!