Spending time across best places of the world has never-ending delight. Firstly, you feel proud to be there owing to the fact that you are after all one of those only few elite travellers who have been there before you. Secondly, you don’t reach world’s top attractions which are identified as landmarks by chance; consistent and meticulous planning lies behind that. Right from deciding to be there to making your tour program and booking an agency involves numerous phases. Therefore, if you are feeling great and on top of the world at such a place, you are right and your feelings are quite natural. Amongst the many top notch names, Burj Al Arab is definitely one! We are one of the most trusted tour operator of Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi - check the testimonials here.

Rightly so, Burj Al Arab is known as Dubai’s signature landmark and you don’t have to go finding reasons why it is called so. Firstly, this skyscraper has been given a rare look, which is of a sailing sheep. You can see it overlooking the Arabian Gulf and the hotel exceeding all expectations in terms of model, design, size, height, etc. does not place anywhere less than a Hollywood movie. The seven-star rated hotel has numerous sections on its multiple floors. A range of restaurants and bars is so large here that you feel yourself in an altogether different world here. In spite of its size, no corner of the hotel is any less in terms of luxury and opulence.

So how about having breakfast here? Sounds awestruck right? Well, whatever your schedule over here in Dubai, you can always ask your travel planner to arrange a Burj Al Arab breakfast for you and your family. It is always a smarter decision to do so. otherwise, it is going to be an exorbitantly pricey affair for you. Plan early and you can have your seats booked in a good lavish restaurant or bar at Burj Al Arab. For breakfast, you can always choose a tempting restaurant like Al Muntaha where menu card is endlessly large. If not, you can drop in over the Skyview Bar and enjoy your time witnessing rare sights outside.

A notable attribute about Burj Al-Arab is that it has been raised at an independent island and to reach here, you have to cross the sea on a private bridge. When you have booked your trip earlier and informed the travel planner accordingly, the officials will also arrange pickup and drop for you!