Year 2007 added a sensational place in the list of wonders at Abu Dhabi in the shape of the Falcon Hospital opening its gates for the tourists. Until then, it was functioning as a hospital and research center only. Management decided to convert it as a place of interests where people know the bird more intensely.

Thousands of people from different parts of the world have visited to see the state-of-the-art services and unbelievable care of this elegant bird. Falcon has a great importance in the Arabic world. The bird is known for elegance, pride, and bravery. People love them a lot for the rigor and vigor. They have been trained traditionally for hunting and it is one of the oldest customs of the UAE.

ADFH, the place that cares about falcons

ADFH is not just a hospital, but it is a place where people are crazy about falcons. With a continuous love and affection of people, it has got recognition of one of the most visited tourist places of the country. Not only from the UAE, but people from neighboring countries also send patients to this hospital. Since its inception in 1999, the institute has treated and released huge number of falcons. After the capacity expansion in 2006, it served various species like, cranes, eagles, and other migratory birds.

It is a new type of Medical Tourism

ADFH started a new wave of medical tourism because people from other countries got an idea of establishing such hospitals in their countries. Moreover, the facilities of the hospital exceed various European hospitals in terms of sophistication and technology. To boost further, hospital has recently started a grooming and training center for dogs and cats. It is said that it is one of the best centers of its kind. Pet hospital brought further thrust to the popularity and utility of it.

It has been honored by the prestigious Middle East’s Responsible Tourism award. Hospital is open for tourists from 10AM to 2PM local time from Sunday to Thursday. Online ticketing reduces the hassles and makes the mind-blowing experience further convenient. Tourists can select from the two choices of Normal and Comprehensive packages. They are almost similar except the 5-star buffet lunch in the nicely decorated dining area. Tourists know about the life, historical and cultural significance of falcons. They get a chance to see, touch and get familiar with falcons, the legendary bird.