Best of moments happen in life when you are particularly not ready for any. Such strange surprises are always anticipated when you are in Dubai, on a family vacation, or are travelling with an intimate friend. While there is a lot that you can perceive on your tour, you will always have some pleasant occasions in the form of art, heritage, shopping, entertainment or luxury, which you might not have thought of. Especially when you have booked a plan ahead with a good dedicated travel agency, this is likely. Therefore, whether you like it or not, having a plan for your Dubai trip is always valuable. Abu Dhabi desert safari with more evening tour options available now; check here.

You got diverse options to explore Dubai – land, water or sea and of course air! Given the option to rise above the land level in a hot air balloon and get glimpses of the life in Dubai is always there. In addition, you can also choose a helicopter tour and have some truly memorable glimpses of Dubai.

For enjoying a helicopter tour, you must book early. Your tour shall begin a Dubai Festival City. It may be a wait of few minutes but then you are promised an outstanding time of twenty two minutes. During this, you experience luxury all the way and witness renowned landmarks. You have already known or passed through the noted spots like Jumeirah Beach, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Wild Wadi, Atlantis Hotel, etc. This time when in a helicopter, be ready for rare sightseeing and glimpses of these landmarks. In other words, you are destined for a new exploration of Dubai, something you cannot spell in words.

For your flight, you are boarded on a Bell Helicopter, which is 206 ALP. There is a scheduled flight here but then you can also cover some areas on request. Have a planned visit with some surplus time in hand, and you will never be disappointed with what you are expecting from the tour. Your travel agent should be the right person to help in this respect. If you place a request, you can have a slot booked already before you arrive here in Dubai.

Mesmerizing moments as this are rare in life and therefore Helicopter Tour in Dubai becomes a much desired attraction in your itinerary. There, of course is a charge for boarding the helicopter but the sensational views are absolutely free, and worth getting captured from the aerial view!