You anticipate a lot of novelties whenever you are at a new place. Expectations are high and desires are at their best when you visit Middle East; this may be because you have already heard a lot or read too much about the place, or this might also be because you want value for your money. In either of the conditions, Dubai is a place which proves you right in a million ways. You won’t dishearten and get a full dose of entertainment and adventure. When planning a trip in this part of the world, you can rightfully look for surprises because there are many! Check this new Abu Dhabi desert safari tours here.

You can enjoy the Dubai’s rich heritage creek while enjoying sensational views when boarding the Seaplane for Dubai Creek Silver trip. You might not felt the coast this novel or seen such rare glimpses of the seashore before. At first, boarding in the seaplane is a fabulous and luxurious experience; secondly, it is a well-facilitated interior where your comfort is quite assured. So you are destined for a memorable experience and are rest assured to find the full value for your dollar! Get it done in advance because you will never want to miss this opportunity.

Seaplane-Dubai Creek Silver is a complete package in itself. You are headed to a forty-minute voyage through docks, flying over the best landmarks of Dubai and then back. During the tour, you spend as much as thirty mesmerizing minutes in the air. Viewing Port Rashid, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, etc. from a height is always a pleasure. The moment you fly over the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, you are left awestruck. That landing and takeoff on the water surface is an outstanding experience in itself.

Should you want, you may also choose for some optional activities to add more fun and excitement to your seaplane tour. Involve in a water sport, go archery, or have a round of golf, over the Jebel Ali Golf Resort. This is an extra possibility if you want to take along more memories! Dubai is a happening place for everyone, and therefore, it has a lot comprised for travellers as well. A good plan and well-scheduled itinerary are the keys to have a fabulous time here in the Middle East. For this purpose, it is always worthwhile to involve a professional travel agent and get a concrete plan before flying off to Dubai.